Ahmad Thomson

Ahmad Thomson
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Jesus Prophet of Islam
This is a best-selling study of the life of the Isa (AS) and the history of Unitarian and Trinita..
Dajjal: The AntiChrist
The author attempts to relate current events and trends in the world to prophecies contained in t..
The Difficult Journey
The Difficult Journey contains the authors account of his overland journey to Saudi Arabia, to pe..
The Way Back
This is the sequel to The Difficult Journey. A personal account of the author's visit - after com..
Fatima Az-Zahra
Among the best of women were the daughters of the Prophet (SAAS). This short biography explores e..
The Wives Of The Prophet Muhammad (SAAS)
The Wives of the Prophet Muhammad (SAAS) gives us a glimpse of a humble and yet exalted family wh..
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