Ibnul Qayyim Al Jawzeeyah

Ibnul Qayyim Al Jawzeeyah

His name is: Shamsud' deen. Abu Abdullah, Muhammad, Ibnul Qayyim: commonly known as Ibnul Qayyim Al Jawzeeyah. He was born in the year 691 H (1292-1350 CE) and was raised in a house of knowledge and excellence, at a time when knowledge flourished. He studied under many Scholars of his time.

Renowned for having been a hugely significant Scholar of the Quran, Hadith, Arabic Language, Fiqh and its Usool (foundations). Ibnul Qayyim with the aid of Allah, produced exceptionally inspiring writings.

Born in Damascus, he studied with his teacher Ibn Taymiyyah for sixteen years, which had an immense impact upon him. He later became his (IbnTaymiyyah's ) most distinguished student and he authored over sixty books

Ibnul Qayyim had many well known students such as: Ibn Katheer, Ibn Rajab, Shamsud'deen Abu Abdillah Muhammad Ibn Abdil Qaadir, Imaam Ath'Thahabi, Taqiy'ed'deen As ' Subki and Ibn Abdul Haadi among others.

Shamsud'deen, Abu Abdullah, Muhammad, Ibnul Qayyim passed on to the mercy of his Lord, on the 13th Rajab in the year 751 H (1350 CE).

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