Amanullah Vadakkangara

Amanulla Vadakkangara, the former head of the department of Arabic and Islamic Studies at Ideal Indian School Doha is known for his innovative approach in teaching Arabic to the non Arabic speaking people. His short term course to enable the beginners to read, write and Speak Arabic was well appreciated by all. He was responsible for introducing Arabic in CBSE affiliated schools in Qatar and his books are prescribed by several schools in India and abroad. He is the author of more than half a dozen books on Spoken Arabic in different languages facilitating people to acquire some basic information about Arabic and creating interest among learners. Amanulla’s splendid experience in the gulf in teaching Arabic to the non Arabs has made his books unique and special in several ways. He has tried his level best for a wonderful combination of literary and Spoken Arabic words, phrases and usages organised in a such a way that will enable all interested in the language to perform well. This peculiar feature of his books has attracted thousands of learners in various parts of the world. His books highly effective self study material compiled based on practical experience and proven methods to make learning easy and interesting to all types of learners. A number of selected words, verbs and phrases make learning more meaningful and help to start speaking the language even without the assistance of a teacher. His grammar books are also well received by the enthusuastics in the language.

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