Ruqaiyyah Waris Maqsood

Ruqaiyyah Waris Maqsood was Head of Religious Studies at various schools in England. She took her honours degree as a Christian theologian at Hull University, in 1963. After extensive travels in the Middle East, she embraced Islam. Among her twenty books on many aspects of religion she has written the much acclaimed Teach Yourself Islam and The Muslim Marriage Guide.

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Beautiful Promises of Allah
This is a unique collection, gleaned from the Quran, of all the promises, full of blessings and g..
Beautiful Commands of Allah
In the Quran, unlike the edited sacred texts of the other messengers, we have the direct guidance..
Living Islam: Treading the Path of Ideal
This book examines the social aspects of Islam, clearly outlining the aims and duties of every Mu..
The Muslim Prayer Encyclopaedia (A Complete Guide to Prayers as taught by the Prophet Muhammad)
The aim of this work has been to present the readers a comprehensive overview of the teachings ab..
A Basic Dictionary of Islam
The author, a prolific writer of Books on Islam has presented an excellent dictionary of Islam, w..
After Death LIfe (Thoughts to alleviate the grief of all Muslims facing death and bereavement)
Facing death is a highly traumatic business, both for those who are dying, and for those who are ..
Muslim Teenagers Coping  (with parents, family, life, the universe and everything)
Being a teenager is not an easy business.You're told you are "too young" to do half the things yo..
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