Syed Rasheeduddin Ahmed

Syed Rasheeduddin Ahmed

is a former senior food scientist II at Kraft Foods USA and he is the founder and president of Muslim Consumer Group For Food Products. Muslim Consumer Group For Food Products is educating Muslims throughout the world about Halal food ingredients and products. He is providing service in Halal food certification since 1993. Mr. Ahmed has started writing his first edition of Halal food book "A Comprehensive List of Halal Food Products in US Supermarkets" in 1991. He just published its eight edition in December 2009. MCG has established two well known Halal food websites. The website was established in 2000 and logged in over 119 countries with a million hits a month. The website was established in 2006.

Mr. Ahmed earned a B.Sc (Agriculture), M.Sc (Agriculture) in Horticulture from A.P Agricultural University Hyderabad, India and a MS degree in Cereal Technology from North Dakota State University Fargo, North Dakota. He gave a presentation about the role of US food industry experience in Halal food education and Halal food certification at a Halal Foods conference conducted by KUIM at Futrajaya, Malaysia on September 29, 2004. The International Association for Food Protection Organization Des Moines, Iowa has invited him to give a presentation on food protection of Halal Foods in USA for a Food Protection seminar at Orlando, Florida in July 2006.

He established the non- profit MCG organization while working for US food industry. He developed 18 new retail food products for supermarkets for various food companies including 10 new Bagel products for Kraft Foods USA under Lender's Bagel bakery brand. He developed number one selling frozen Big N Crusty bagels which brought 50 million dollars per year in sale to Kraft Foods USA. He also developed two Biscottis and one cookie product for Nabisco under Stella Doro Biscuit brand. Four new nutritional bars were developed by him in 2003 for MLO Products. Besides retail supermarket food products, he also developed 22 stuffing crumbs products for food service markets for the Newly Wed Food company in Chicago. Recently he developed a healthy Halal Orchard Fruits Nuts bars for Starbucks coffee company in 2007 while working as a senior food scientist consultant for Eli's Cheesecake company in Chicago. He started working for US food industry since 1973 and his food industry experience includes product development, quality assurance, nutritional analysis and gained hands on experience in food processing by working in food plants.

In 2011 Br. Ahmed saved about 6 million dollars in ingredients cost for Kraft' BBQ Sauces working at Kraft Foods R & D Center in Glenview, IL by intoducing new ingredients which Kraft never used in BBQ Sauces before and reformulating the Kraft all BBQ Sauces.

Brother Syed Rasheeduddin Ahmed feels that Allah Subhanahu Wa Taala has given him knowledge of Halal foods for the purpose to spread to all Muslims so that they can eat only Halal foods. He is doing this work without any monetary gain to please Allah Subhanahu Wa Taala and our beloved Prophet Sayyidina Mohammed Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallum.

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