Qur'anic Studies

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Call of the Qur’an
In addition to it’s being the duty of every Muslim man, woman and child to study the Quran and fo..
The Qur'an: Translation and Study Juz 30
This final volume of the series was especially researched and written to accommodate the curricul..
Juz Amma (With Colour Coded Tajweed Rules in English)
The color coded Juz is intended to facilitate and enhance the reading of the Qur'an with tajw..
Quran for All Humanity
This book contains selected verses from the Quran followed by their explanation and short moral m..
Themes of the Qur'an
The Qur’an contains a wealth of guidance for us all and we have all wanted to locate a particular..
Ahsanul Qawaid - Color Coded (Plastic Lamination)
The Book “Ahsanul Qawaid” Color Coded is a brief guide for the children and for every unfamiliar ..
Basic Reader for the Holy Quran
Recitation of the Quran is a form of worship that requires perfection as far as possible. The pur..
The Astonishing Truths of the Holy Quran
This extensively referenced work outlines just some of those aspects of the Qur'an which prove th..
Noorani Qaida (A guide to lean Quran)
To read Holy Qur'an with correct accent and tajweed, its necessary to learn to read the noorani q..
Quran: An Abiding Wonder
The perfect state of preservation singles out the Quran from its predecessors as a unique vehicle..
Noorani Tarteel with Urdu & English (Notes on the Basic Laws of Tajweed)
Noorani Tarteel is the great way to learn Qur'an, also is the best tool for the teacher..
Noorani Qaaidah (Color Coded)
This color coded "noorani Qaidah" is for teaching children how to recite the Holy Qur&#..
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