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True Jihad (The Concept of Peace, Tolerance and Non-Violence in Islam)
All the teachings of Islam are based on the principle of peace.... It is no exaggeration to say t..
Al-Ubudiyyah: Being a True Slave of Allah
Following on from 'Patience and Gratitude', this book also offers practical advice for our everyd..
Slippery Stone: An Inquiry into Islam's Stance on Music
What does Islam say about poetry, singing, musical instruments, musicians, and the business of mu..
Living Islam: Treading the Path of Ideal
This book examines the social aspects of Islam, clearly outlining the aims and duties of every Mu..
For Men of Understanding
In the Qur’an, we are continually invited to ponder over the signs of Allah. ‘Behold! In the crea..
The Concept of Society in Islam and Prayers in Islam
This book highlights the essential features of the ideal Islamic society, the prayers reflecting ..
In this book author speaks about the unique Quranic generation, the nature of the Quranic method,..
The Ideology of Peace (Towards a Culture of Peace)
Peace, always desirable for its own sake, has been vital to human progress in every age. The diff..
Patience and Gratitude (An abridged translation of Uddat as-sabirin wa dhakhirat ash-shakirin)
This is an abridged translation of the classical text ‘Uddat as-Sabirin wa dhakhirat ash-shakirin..
Includes: Qur'an on Jinns, terminology, Adam and Ibliss, Curse on Ibliss, Shaitan's Biogr..
Islam and Peace
In this world, for one reason or the other, peace remains elusive. Differences--political and apo..
Perished Nations
The Qur’an makes frequent mention of the fate of previous nations as a warning to succeeding gene..
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