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Muhammad: A Prophet for All Humanity
In making the Prophet Muhammad the greatest figure, and consequently one of the most resplendent ..
Chronology of Prophetic Events
This book examines in fascinating detail the main discrepancies between dates in various calendar..
Al-Hadith: An English Translation and Commentary of Mishkat ul-Masabih with Arabic (4 Volumes)
This book, "al-Hadees" or "al-Hadis", or its common name "mishkat al masabih," is a popular colle..
The Sayings of Muhammad
The ways and wont of Prophet Muhammad and his utterances from a living commentary on and a supple..
Al-Quds (The Place of Jerusalem in Classical Judaic and Islamic Traditions)
This is a comprative study of the place of Al-Quds (Jerusalem) in the classic Judaic and Isamic t..
Sahih Muslim (4 Volumes)
This is the Sahih Muslim set, without the original Arabic. (English translation only). Based on t..
Life of the Prophet Muhammad
Though there are a plethora of books on the life of the Prophet Muhammad, yet this book has its o..
Muslim Heritage and the 21st Century
The contribution of the Muslim World to a wide range of sciences and academic disciplines is ofte..
Sahih Muslim with Arabic (8 Volumes)
This is the complete 8-volume Sahih Muslim set, coming in a deluxe hardback black binding. It inc..
From Esfahan To Madinah
Salman al-Farisi of Esfahan in Iran (may Allah be pleased with him) left his home, and forsook hi..
Illuminating the Darkness (Blacks and North Africans in Islam)
Illuminating the Darkness is about the status of blacks and North Africans in Islam. The book is ..
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Forty Hadith with Transliteration (Pocket Size)
This Hadith is in Arabic with English translation first time attempted by Imam Al Nawawi in the 1..
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