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Comparative & Contemporary Religion

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Jesus Prophet of Islam
This is a best-selling study of the life of the Isa (AS) and the history of Unitarian and Trinita..
Jesus Will Return
Isa (AS) was a chosen Prophet of Allah, like the other Prophets. However, he was raised up to All..
Globalisation or Recolonisation? (The Muslim World in the 21st Century)
In this accessible and carefully researched text, the authors broach one of the most urgent issue..
Dajjal: The AntiChrist
The author attempts to relate current events and trends in the world to prophecies contained in t..
Islam and the Environmental Crisis
The destruction of the environment is a serious problem of our time and one to which only Islam h..
Islam and the Environment
Although environmental issues are sometimes viewed by Muslims as non-essential, this collection o..
The Difficult Journey
The Difficult Journey contains the authors account of his overland journey to Saudi Arabia, to pe..
The Way Back
This is the sequel to The Difficult Journey. A personal account of the author's visit - after com..
Forty Days and Forty Nights... in Yemen (A Journey to Tarim, the City of Light )
Tarim is the setting of a forty day Dowra (intensive course in traditional Islamic sciences)that ..
Islam : Its Beauty and Wisdom
The book Islam – Its Beauty & Wisdom is a novel presentation of Islam, interweaving tra..
The Choice (Islam & Christianity) - 2 Volumes Combined
By debater extraordinaire and founder of the Islamic Propagation Centre in South Africa, this boo..
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