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The Ark of Nuh (Quran Stories for Little Heart)
Introduce your children to Allah's kindness towards believers and the extent of his wrath on thos..
Love Your Parents (Quran Stories for Little Heart)
Loving your parents, praying for them, helping them and never doing such acts as may displease th..
Owl and the Dawn Prayer (Garden of Islam)
Owl and the Dawn Prayer is a beautifully illustrated fun story that introduces children to the da..
My Ramadhan Fun Pack
“My Ramadhan Fun Pack” is highly recommended as a source of fun ideas which could be ..
Human Nature: The Only Solution
This is the follow-on to ‘Human Nature in the Light of Science’, further showing how following th..
The Book Of Mosques
This fully illustrated book takes young readers on an exciting journey to some of the most famous..
Imran Learns Abount Ramadan
In this thirst story of the Imran Learns series, Imran has his first experience of fasting in Ram..
The Tables Turned
Good deeds save on for the destruction of evil, and a small amount of charity extinguishes the an..
My First Arabic Words
My First Arabic Words is an appealing book for children who are just starting to learn Arabic. Color..
Greatest Stories from the Quran (Paperback)
Bring Quran stories to life for your kids! These 30 action-packed Quran stories cover the periods..
Basic Duas for Children
Duas your children can recite at various times through the day, in simple rhyming text that is ea..
The Pious Man and His Sons (Quran Stories for Little Heart)
The Pious Man and His Sons is a beautifully illustrated and creatively written story about Prophe..
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